What is ethnography?

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Ethnography, or observational research, studies cultures in which some group of people share. It is an alternative to qualitative data analysis, and is commonly conducted through a single investigator who immerses themselves into the culture for a long period of time and observes the culture from within. Ethnography produces qualitative data, rich and detailed information, because it seeks to understand and describe the natural social world as it really is.

Example / Application

Example: Ethnography research: How American's Eat

Application: In the video displaying the eating habits of one American family the concept of ethnographic research is displayed. The investigator is presumably already a part of the American culture and is investigating the eating habits of the culture through this family. It is clear to see that the data collected through ethnographic research is qualitative because the investigator is obtaining rich and detailed information. This video also displays the quality of ethnography, being able to investigate the natural social world as it really is.

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