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This is a sample page to describe one way to post Null Findings information.

Any information, no matter how short, is useful information to your research colleagues now and in the future.

Here is one example of how to include information:


Given a situation where a fellow ingroup member is attacked, the prediction is that two variables -- identification with the ingroup member and perceived outgroup entitativity -- will predict retribution back against the group.


In study 1, participants answered survey items using a narrative analysis methodological approach in which people recalled times in their life when a fellow ingroup member was harmed or attacked, and then answered open and closed ended questions about the experience. The questions are posted below. There were two conditions in the study. In Condition 1, participants were first manipulated to be angry by insulting the participants about their performance on a task. Condition 2 was the neutral condition.

Questions: All responses were on a 1-9 scale, with 1=not at all and 9=very much

Questions about Identification

  1. I think that I have gotten to know the other members of my group.
  2. I really like the other members of my group.
  3. The character of this group is a reflection of who I am.
  4. I feel very similar to the other members of the group.
  5. I feel some pride to be a member of this group.

Questions about perceived entitativity

  1. The members of the other group seem very similar to each other
  2. I think that people in the other group are probably very cohesive with one another.
  3. Members of the other group appear to be interacting a lot during the course of the experiment.
  4. The people in the other group in today’s session probably have the same sort of character.
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