Romantic Beliefs Scale

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Summary: "A scale was developed to measure beliefs that have been identified in the literature as constituting an ideology of romanticism."
Reference: Sprecher, S. & Metts, S. (1989). Development of the 'Romantic Beliefs Scale' and Examination of the Effects of Gender and Gender-Role Orientation. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 6, 387-411.
Citation: (Sprecher & Metts, 1989))


"To develop and to validate a new romanticism scale, and to identify patterns of association among romanticism, gender and gender-role orientation." "Love as the ideology of romanticism has recently been distinguished from other approaches to love, particularly love as the subjective feelings associated with a particular partner or ongoing relationship." There are four factors: "Love Finds a Way, One and Only, Idealization, and Love at First Sight." "Findings are discussed as a function of both social structure and personal predispositions."


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