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Summary: "Development of validity scales for the NEO-FFI would have ramiĀ®cations for both basic and applied research. The ability to detect faking may increase the range of situations appropriate for instrument use, and it may also aid basic researchers to understand the processes involved in positive and negative self-presentation on personality inventories."
Reference: Scandell, D. J. (2000). Development and Initial validation of validity Scales For the NEO-Five Factor Inventory. Personality and Individual Differences, 29, 1153-1162.
Citation: (Scandell, 2000))


"The Five-Factor model of personality has become one of the dominant theoretical perspectives in personality psychology (Goldberg, 1993). The most commonly used measures of the Five-Factor Model are the two versions of the NEO: the 240-item NEO Personality Inventory-Revised (NEO PI-R) and the 60-item NEO-Five Factor Inventory (NEO-FFI, Costa & McCrae, 1992)." "Some have contended that the lack of validity scales made the NEO vulnerable to undetected faking, an important concern in assessment."


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