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Creating a page is as easy as clicking here. For more detailed information, see below..


How do I create a new page?

  1. See Add a Page
  2. Or, on an existing page type double brackets around any word(s) and it creates a link to the new page. After saving the existing page, clicking on that link new (e.g., the new page title is a red or blue link) takes you to an edit page to enter the new text.

How do I add/link my new page to PsychWiki?

  1. Go to the section where you want to put a link to your page, such as Professional Development, Research Tools, Psychology Concepts.
  2. Click "Edit" and then type your page title with double brackets around the title, such as [[page title]].
  3. Click "Save" and your new page is linked in blue.

* FYI - If you want your page linked to any of the sections within the Virtual Lab Meeting (e.g., Researchers, Research, New Collaborations, Orphan Studies), then create your new page using the "Add a page" feature inside the Virtual Lab Meeting page because we have a new "template" function that automatically creates your page within the appropriate section.

What if I don't know where to link my new page?

  1. Not every new page needs to be linked to an existing page/section.
  2. The advantage of linking your new page to the rest of PsychWiki is that its easier for people to find.
  3. If you don't know which section your page belongs in, after you create the new page the site organizers will be notified of your page addition and can find a place to link it to the rest of the site.

Here are three quick steps to prevent mistakes when creating the new page

  1. Is the title of your new page taken? Use the 'Search' function to look for the title.
  2. Does a similar page already exist? If someone has written a similar page you may think about adding your new information to the existing page which can be split later after it has grown.
  3. Are there issues with the title of your new page? The following characters are not allowed in page titles: "# + < > [ ] | / { }". The maximum page name length is 255 characters.

Here are three quick tips to help you after saving the page:

  1. See Editing help for tips about how to add content to the new page.
  2. Click on "what links here" on the left-hand side bar. If nothing points to your new page, think about creating links to it from other pages, otherwise your new page will be isolated.
  3. If you indicate the new page as "watch", you can have email notifications when the page changes (if you click on "send me an email on page changes" in the "preferences" link).

For more information, see the following links about Starting a new page, Naming pages,

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