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Summary: Measures total service environment of higher education
Reference: Abdullah, F. (2006). The development of HEdPERF: A new measuring instrument of service quality for the higher education sector. International Journal of Consumer Studies, 30, 569-581.
Citation: (Abdullah, 2006))


"This paper describes the methodological development of HEdPERF (Higher Education PERFormanceonly), a new measuring instrument of service quality that captures the authentic determinants of service quality within the higher education sector." Developed "a new measurement scale that incorporates not only the academic components, but also aspects of the total service environment as experienced by the student.

Factor 1: non-academic aspects. This factor consists of items that are essential to enable students fulfil their study obligations, and it relates to duties carried out by non-academic staff. • Factor 2: academic aspects. The items that describe this factor are solely the responsibilities of academics. • Factor 3: reputation. This factor is loaded with items that suggest the importance of higher learning institutions in projecting a professional image. • Factor 4: access. This factor consists of items that relate to such issues as approachability, ease of contact, availability and convenience. • Factor 5: programmes issues. This factor emphasizes the importance of offering wide ranging and reputable academic programmes/specializations with flexible structure and syllabus. • Factor 6: understanding. It involves items related to understanding students’ specific need


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