Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale

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Summary: Measures that adequately assess difficulties in emotion regulation among adults.
Reference: Gratz, K. L. & Roemer, L. (2003). Multidimensional Assessment of Emotion Regulation and Dysregulation: Development, Factor Structure, and Initial Validation of the Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale. Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment, 26, 41-54.
Citation: (Gratz & Roemer, 2003)


This paper proposes an integrative conceptualization of emotion regulation as involving the modulation of emotional arousal, acceptance of emotions, and the ability to act in desired ways regardless of emotional state.


Sample items

Nonacceptance of Emotional Responses (NONACCEPTANCE)

Difficulties Engaging in Goal-Directed Behavior (GOALS)

Impulse Control Difficulties (IMPULSE)

Lack of Emotional Awareness (AWARENESS)

Limited Access to Emotion Regulation Strategies (STRATEGIES)

Lack of Emotional Clarity (CLARITY)

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