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There are many articles that can be considered classics in social psychology. This is evidenced by many readers over the years that include classic articles as well as the readers themselves becoming classic. Below is a subset of these articles. At this time, they have admittedly, been subjectively. Future elaborations may included more objective determinants of what should be included in the list.

The summaries are not intended to be abstracts of the articles. Rather they are intended to briefly convey the essence of the article (e.g., in 10 words or less)and a brief statement about why the article is a classic. Following this could be a short paragraph (about 3 to 5 sentences) that describes the article, focusing on the aspects of the article that make it a classic, not for instance, detailed description of independent and dependent variables and a listing of all the studies that were done.


Critiques of social psychology


Intrapersonal processes

Interpersonal processes

Processes within groups

Intergroup processes

Applied topics

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