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This part of PsychWiki is a book about the research process (Research Methods / Statistics / Writing & Evaluating Research) created and owned by the research community. The purpose is to pool our collective skills and knowledge to benefit both the research practitioner and the research consumer. The unique ability of a wiki is that anyone, including you, and edit the pages and add what you know, so the pages are continuously updated as new knowledge is integrated. The goal is to create a concrete and practical knowledge database.

As can be seen in the diagram below, there are five modules color coded for easy reference. For each module, there will be information about how to conduct research (for the practitioner) and how to evaluate research (for the consumer). For every concept there is a companion "Fe40.png" button that provides a concrete example to illustrate each concept. There is also a Definitions page which summarizes all the concepts.



The Research Process is a series of successive operational phases from generating the idea through dissemination in published form as journal articles, books, book chapters, posters at conferences, talks at conferences, talks at brownbags or invited talks, etc. After first reading about the "Overview" of the research process, each step in the process will be explained in detail and examples will be provided to help you better understand the material. There are two overarching goals -- to explain how to conduct psychological research, and to explain how to evaluate psychological research.


Research Idea

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Research Design


Collecting Data


Analyzing Data


Publication Process


then text description of overview of research process including 1-4 iterative i.e. why blank between 4-5 unlike RM books a section on the journal review process everything interrelates

For evaluating research side will be Journal Review Process - AUTHOR point of view Journal Review Process - REVIEWER/EDITOR point of view Grant Review Process Conference Review Process

These pages will walk you through all the steps in the Research Process from generating ideas into research Hypothesis (Phase 1), translating your research Hypothesis into research materials (Phase 2), using your research materials to run studies and collect data (Phase 3), statistically analyzing and interpreting your collected data (Phase 4), and writing in APA format and submitting through review process (Phase 5).


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